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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Dee is for Ayanara.

I don't know why, but right now. I am somewhat torn in between.

I think.. or rather, I believe Im falling to this friend of mine.

It started 2-3 weeks ago after coming back home from my trip to Singapore. I had started to have butterflies just the thought of her. I first thought it was just a momentarily feeling, but as the days progress I keep falling and falling deep for her.

as of the moment, I will try to suppressed the feelings I have for her as hard as I can.

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I was told by the website of my blog page that I have been Inactive? Seriously? my Last update was on the 23rd of February. 3 weeks ago.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It has been too long...

Why am I doing this to myself? Why wont I go for it? Why am I delaying it?
Why am I trying to change directions? Why do I even think of things through?
Why am I like this? Why...?

seeing a photo of you reminds me of how I feel for you last Lenten Season(2013).



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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My viber someone is really on my mind everyday.

Should i keep on going or should I move on?

I dont know when is the time will be right.

Give me some signals.

Take me.


Free me.

You are my sweetest drug.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Shocking news! -wait, its not shocking at all..-

Rather an Affirming News!

Yep, its official. The rumor regarding the two couple is true. I know this because I am such a snooping son-of-a.

Here is the scope, the two denies all allegation regarding to their relation as BF/GF. But everyone knows that this is not the real deal. They are hiding something from the people around them(maybe not all. eg.Family members). Their sweetness is just friendship they say. Come on, stop kidding, We all know that there is something happening between them, Eating together everyday, Weekend meetups, Hidden SMS messages. Who knows what else.

Now, Im confirming that they are in fact a couple. I have discovered something that made me confirmed that their relation is not just friends. I might have violated the trust of that person but I will not reveal the truth to the people they hiding the truth.

The truth is: Now I can have a peace of mind what is going on.

Now that I know the truth, She is is now in the circle of no-no for me. For the past week I thought I was having some feelings for her But since I know the truth, I can now easily go on and return to the one I am again. (what>?)

Lonely As I am. Only time will tell.

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Monday, May 06, 2013
Something about us...

"- Before Season 26 ended, met someone new. :)"

I constantly think of you... Day and night.

you may not know this or even feel my presence but every day/night there is not a time that I do not think of you...

Im trying my best to know you... I just hope that you return my efforts.

Im currently in a place where you do not really know what is your current mood/feeling. Am I happy? Excited? Depressed? or "cheesy" in-Love?

I didn't expect this EMOTION to stay with me. I Honestly Hate this right now, my usual self is somewhere else. I cannot focus on my everyday task or activities.

I just wish things will start good on Tuesday after next.

see you at MR.A-Z//

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Friday, January 25, 2013
Fritz™. Season 27

This are some highlights that occur last year (2012) as which you can see that we have survived the December21 apocalypse predicted/forecast by the Mayans.
Events are recalled using Facebook

Previously, on Fritz™. Season 27

-Wes spend the beginning of the year here in the Philippines.
-CBC Home:Loan approved.
-CHEVROLET:Optra 2004 arrived to us (2nd hand from Adenda's)
-Learned how to Drive (automatic-Dad/Harley; Manual- AAA Driving school)
-"i WIN"
-MaChang Man was created
-drove the car for the first time (jan 23- speaker perez to T.mapua)
-PSBAccount Judge Corona Scandal.
-Temple Run craze
-Got my Driver's License
-Went to 8waves and Fontana w/ Dad (chee kung tong event)
-got lost on wheels. arrived in taguig
-the search for Juicy Lucy Adventures
-jogging in UP
-food bazaar hopping per week
-draw something
-Surviving Nagsasa, Zambales
-caught a "feel"
-forgotten keys in the office
-drove to Laguna for the 1st time for HCF's summercamp
-Best Costume for Male Human Soldier
-Badminton sessions with officemates
-PSB Badminton tournament
-almost sent a wrong message to someone (April 15- via HANG with friends)
-somebody got jealous from me, sent me an SMS from her Cell (kuno) and was later unfriended.
-Cousin Jaimie got married
-got my first CAR Wrecked/collision
-newly opened LUCKY CHINATOWN MALL in binondo
-won Batac's Magicthegathering tournament (1st prize)
-attended FFCCCII 11th celebration in Manila Hotel
-mum went for a Pilgrmage vacation (Bethlehem, Egypt, Dubai, Etc.)
-Grand Prix: Manila
-ditch BOHOL/CEBU trip
-1st time in BORACAY w/ PSB friends
-100,680.00 is too much. (other party car repair cost)
-2 years in the company
-photography gig with joseph in Rai "Anthem and Destinations"
-drove to EK
-top 8 GPT:Taipei
-Lola's 96th
-Attended a gay Birthday party (along with Rai and seph)
-maxed out credit card
-Won Pua Tiong Chiu 1st prize (officemates and Donya in RP:Manila/Tempura)
-unOfficially joined Twitter
-no longer Smart bro but PLDT Dsl
-Attended M'Kirsten Wedding Reception in Century Park
-Walked from LRT:GilPuyat to TONGYANG:Jupiter
-Breaking Bad
-high (1st and last)
-JuicyLucy 2 with
-1st paid ApP (chrono Trigger)
-CBA Bonus!
-Bought 40" Samsung Led TV
-Went to Manila Ocean park on Christmas Eve
-No Annual Barbecue


Posted at 11:04:51 pm by Fritx

grammatically poor

It has been too long since I posted here. Many things have happened, through good things and bad, But that is what we call Life.

I just help someone today. I think. It caught my attention earlier during breakfast when I check Facebook on my iPhone. He, who shall not be named; posted a Status on Facebook about someone was trolling him in his blog. Which my mind immediately remembers how Bad his blog was, due to his poor grammar. He had posted the link on the comment section so I had easily access the page of his blog. It was no surprise to me that the 'troll' was pointing to his really poor grammar. I, also hated his grammar to be honest, so I posted a comment before leaving off to work.

After coming back home from work, I remembered about the blog He made and returned to the page. Comments on how bad his grammar is still right there. So I decided to give a friendly advice on how to improve his grammar and how to take comments from a stranger.

Will wait for updates later.

Posted at 10:45:19 pm by Fritx

Saturday, February 04, 2012
Fritz™. Season 26

Previously, on Fritz™. Season 26

Life Style
- ups and down on the diet.
- League of Legends
- February 26... BADTRiP
- Received my first Plastic Card from HSBC.
- Was recruited for a Company's Paintball match.
- Joined, Company's Badminton Tournament.
- Bought PlayStation 3.
- Fly out of the country towards Singapore.
- Bought iPhone4S

- Still works at the same company/Bank as an RCSA that later got absorbed in Downtown center as a regular CSA.
- assigned to different branches on Area 3: Jaboneros(5mos.), Ongpin(2weeks), Downtown Center(permanent), and Quezon Boulevard(a day).
- Found out that i was on the top10 list (when I was an RCSA)
- Star of the night (Area3 Christmas Party)

- HS friends mini/tiny reunion. (EK, Subic, Treetop Adventure)
- Met new friends.
- College Friends miny/tiny reunion (Batangas, Beltran's Manor)

- Cousin Gary stayed with us for a couple of weeks
- Cousin Jeffrey got married.

- trying to forget her.
- Was with someone but my mind is somewhere else.
- Something is missing still, when I was with her... (the spark, i think)
- Finally, reunited after a year.
- In a place where where you fall-in, but you have already know what will the come-out will be.
- Hate that I love you ~ Rihanna feat Ne-yo
- Emotionally Stressed/tired/grieving.
- Post partum syndrome with her.
- Before Season 26 ended, met someone new. :)

- Pretended to be American with Cousin Gary to pick-up chicks.
- Experienced to be mocked by somebody who I dont really know, because I was with his former girlfriend.
- Reached, but didn't finished!

"that's it in a nutshell"

Posted at 9:07:58 pm by Fritx

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Tragically moving

The movie "The Wild Hunt" (2009) was about a guy who's relationship is in a brink of falling away only to win back his relation with his girlfriend where it took place in a Fantasy world of Medieval Role-playing-adult-people.

Even though that this movie is not on the mainstream films, it didn't fail them to entertain the audience of this film. Its a low budgeted film at its best. The storyline is awesome, that you as an audience will feel the angst/hate toward a certain or more characters of this film.

It is a good movie.

4.5 out of 5.

Posted at 7:36:19 pm by Fritx

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